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Welcome to the Lapradar Australia Privacy Policy page. This privacy policy implies to all posts and pages of the website along with its authors and readers.


Lapradar, first of all, complies with the Australian and New Zealand Privacy Act of 1993 while managing the personal information of users.

The policy deals according to the Act and takes reasonable actions to deal with the user’s personal information.

Defining personal info, it’s the relevant information about an identifiable person. It includes the collection of data that helps Lapradar to be more user-centric in near future.

Last but not least, keep in mind that this policy neither limits nor excludes the user rights as mentioned in the Act.

We care about user rights more than anything and make sure that they are not exploited while collecting personal information.

Change to The Policy

Lapradar Australia keeps up with the latest privacy policy updates issued by the Australian Government.

We might update the privacy policy whenever an important update arrives.

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How do we Collect personal information?

The website uses two different modes of collecting personal data.

First, we collect the personal information that you leave. It might include your name, email, contact number, or when you buy or purchase the related products available on our website. This type of personal information is collected via subscription or registration.

Secondly, we utilize third party apps if direct collection isn’t possible. Mind you that you yourself authorize the third party apps to collect your data. The apps won’t collect information about you if you don’t allow them.

How We Use the Personal information?

This is important. The whole point of collecting personal information is to enhance the user interface and experience.

The data we collect through registration, subscription, newsletter services, or third party apps is utilized as follows:

Personalized Experience — We use your personal information to prioritize your preferences and offer you the type of content you show interest in.

Improving Website — The sole reason we collect your personal information is to improve our website. This way, you could surf it with more convenience and ease.

Improved Customer Service — The gathered information is thoroughly checked to improve our service so that we are always available to assist you when possible.

Ratings and Reviews — Ratings and reviews not only help other readers but also keep us updated about the products and services we offer.

Conduct Statistical Research — Your personal info is anonymously researched and analyzed for further research on improving the User Experience and User Interface.

Disclosing the personal informaiton

Furthermore, we could disclose the relevant information you provide to following entities:

Related Businesses — We might disclose your info to the businesses that support our products and services, etc. This mostly includes the IT system businesses, which work on this data to make necessary amendments to the website.

Third Parties — Third parties use your information to hold multiple statistical research about improving our services in near future.

Regulatory Authority — We are bound to disclose your personal information with a federal regulatory authority if necessary.

Other than that, the info could also be shared with any other person authorized from Law or Government.

Keep in mind that a business that supports our services might be located outside Australia and New Zealand. So, your information could be disclosed outside the said countries as well.

Protecting the personal information

Your personal information means a lot to Lapradar.

We take necessary steps to keep our database safe from third party attacks. A good amount of investment goes into securing the personal information servers.

All in all, we’ll make sure that the collected personal information doesn’t get exposed to hackers or other third party apps and websites.

Accessing and correcting personal data

According to the Act, you have the right to access and correct your personal information that you have already submitted.

Before exercising this right, we at Lapradar will run a full background check and verify your credentials thoroughly. So, bear it with us.

Two possible scenarios arise when you request for correcting your personal information.

First, if the correction seems genuine and reasonable enough, then our developers will correct it within two to three business days.

Secondly, if it goes the other way around, then we might not be able to correct the original data. We’ll save the corrected information to serve you in the best possible way.

That said, reach us out at with your real identity if you want to change the personal information.

Other than that, we could also provide copies of personal information to you but that would cost some extra bucks. So, keep that in mind while you request copies of your personal information.

maintaining the internet use

Although, we take necessary steps to keep our website secure. If you tend to give your personal information directly through internet, then we are not obliged to protect it.

While commenting publically on the website, your username, email address, and image are visible to other users, and or third party apps. By commenting, you’d acknowledge the fact that this info is visible to the public.

Similarly, if you open an alternative link from our website and it takes you to another website. Then, that website will have its own privacy policy. In this case, we’d suggest you to review the privacy policy of that website before taking any action.

cookies use

We use cookies to improve our website’s user interface the next time you visit it.

You could agree with the Cookie Policy to enjoy the latest features and services of Lapradar.

On the other hand, you can also reject it. However, it would mean that some features of the website will get limited.

That’s all about the Lapradar Australia’s Privacy Policy.

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