How to Charge Laptop with HDMI? Quick & Easy steps

No doubt, since the beginning, the laptops come with chargers. In general, these laptops have typically had unique chargers. And without charging, accessing your data becomes impossible. But, here you want to learn how to charge a laptop with HDMI? 

Here’s another essential question, can HDMI charge your laptop? Yes, you can set your laptop with HDMI.  

For this purpose, you first need to learn HDMI and what is it premise use. HDMI is a High Definition Multimedia Interface. And there are three types of HDMI. Type A, Type B, and Type C are used to share the laptop screen, share presentation, and share high-quality audio and video signals. 

The remaining two types are used to charge mobile phones and cameras as well. So, you should know that Type A is used to charge the laptops.

Now, we will guide you in quick steps to charge a laptop with HDMI, not a regular charger. Besides, we research for hours to get valid information regarding the charging of laptops. So, below are these steps. 

How to charge a laptop with HDMI? 

Suppose you have to go out of the town or two of your friend’s wedding ceremonies, or you have to go to the beach with your family. Meanwhile, you have decided to carry the laptop to capture the beautiful memories and watch video streams at these gorgeous places. Or sometimes you want to play games to have a spent fantastic time.

Oops! on returning from the hotel or home, you realized that you had forgotten the charger of the laptop. At the same time, the charging left 10% on the laptop. Suppose you are a businessman and you have to mail your boss, which will become essential.

Here you have no charger, not another thing and charging of laptop are essential besides all these things you no need to worry because we have other options. So, when you have to charge your laptop with HDMI and your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port. Then you have to use the Type-C port.

Things you’ll need when charging your laptop with HDMI

As you know, we have to charge the internal battery laptop. So, if your laptop has an HDMI port, it’s well and good. Ultimately, you will need an HDMI adapter. Otherwise, Type-C will be the best option. So, arrange the adapter for Type-C. 

Making the Connections

Plugin the Type-C into the USB port of the laptop. Meanwhile, connect the other end with the LCD TV that supports HDMI. Same as uniting the other end of the HDMI cable with the USB Type-C. 

Second Method Of Charging The Laptop With HDMI

Here will be your victory if your laptop has a port to connect HDMI. No doubt, it is an effortless task, because there will be no need for any extra accessories for that. Furthermore, the charging of Chromebook, Laptop, and Notebook is the best and fastest with HDMI. 

Charging of Laptop with USB

To charge a laptop with a USB, you should first learn about the Type A USB connector. So I hope you may have used a keyboard or mouse separately with your laptop ever. And the rectangular connector at the end of the mouse or keyboard cable, there is a metal piece which we insert in laptop. This rectangular metal piece is known as a Type A connector. 

Further, the Type-A connector is widespread worldwide. Meanwhile, our cell phone charger cable, which we put into an adapter, also contains a Type-A connector. The use of Type A is to share large amounts of data, but not the power that can charge your laptop battery. 

Charging with Type-C USB

The USB 3.2 is also a common type of connector, famous as Type-C. Its shape is like an oval. The speed of Type-C is faster than Type-A. Especially for high wattage connectivity. The rate of USB 3.2 is 20Gbits per second. At the same time, the speed of USB 3.1 (Type-A) is 10Gbits per second. So here is the question, how can you charge your laptop in an emergency with Type-C?  

Almost every laptop is a built-in USB-C port. Still check to have your computer built-in Type-C port. after that, just plugin the one side in laptop and the second one in your adapter

Things You Will Need While Charging With HDMI

HDMI cable and a TV that correctly supports the HDMI cable in the port. These are the things which you should make sure of before charging your laptop. 

The Method Of Making Connections

First plugin HDMI the HDMI port of the TV. 

Then connect the other side of the HDMI cable with a laptop port.


How Can We Make The Connections Safe?

No doubt, each laptop charger in particular, gives proper current and voltage to charge your laptop. Many people use HDMI to watch HD movies on giant screens. Even HDMI has a better audio system.  

Anyhow, our recommendations are to charge you with HDMI only when you have nothing else and are stuck somewhere severely. At the same time, experts also say use the regular charging adapter to charge your laptop.  

What is the best thing to charge a laptop?

According to experts, the HDMI port is an accessible and user-friendly thing. Further, it gives cost-effective solutions.

Which charger can you use as an alternative to the HDMI port?

Suppose your laptop has no HDMI port, then you can use a Type-C port to charge your laptop. If there is no Type-C port, then use the HDMI port. Each laptop must have one of the HDMI or type-C.



HDMI port is an excellent invention to charge the laptop. In most cases, when you get rid of your regular laptop charger, then you can use HDMI. Further, avoid the frequent use of HDMI. Mostly, people tuck how to charge a laptop, so I provided you an in-depth researched article. I hope the information helps you and you will effortlessly get charge your laptop.  

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