Can You Change the Graphics Card in a Laptop: Detailed Information

Can You Change the Graphics Card in a Laptop: Are you looking to find out the possible ways for changing laptop graphic cards?

Then it would be best if you stayed with me till the end of the article because I had done deep research and extract well-defined and authentic information from the reference of experts.

Besides some laptop allows and some doesn’t allow to change the graphic card. So we will look at them keenly.

In general, primarily people think that they can change the graphic card of their laptop. And you done don’t need to get disappointed by changing the graphic card of laptop.

Further, there are different methods to change the graphic card of your laptop.

Let’s move towards the article.

The Use Of Graphic Card

A Graphics card is a specific type of hardware in a laptop and uses to process the graphic, effects, colors, images, etc. Better the quality of graphic excellent will be the processing of it.

Integrated Graphic Card

Graphics card that uses for everyday routine work has better-integrated options. And GPU unit offers you to watch HD movies, which helps you play the game and watch High-Resolutions pictures.

What Is Discrete Graphics In Laptops?

In the case of a gaming laptop, the graphic card comes with discrete graphic options.

Discrete graphic cards in computers or laptops have discrete slots in the motherboard of a laptop. The process in the integrated laptop graphic card is different from the discrete graphic card processing. 

Working Of Graphic Card

As you know, GPU or graphic card is hardware and processes the graphical data in laptop or computer. It has a pretty healthy specification: it receives resolutions, pixels, filters, and images that give you desired results. 

Can You Change The Graphic Card In A Laptop?

Yes, you can change the graphic card on your laptop. But people only use it when there is no option to upgrade the graphic card in a computer’s motherboard. 

You can say it Graphics Processing Unit GPU, which needs a processing unit and memory to perform screen location graphics, colors, pixels, and other functions like this.

You will be lucky if your laptop supports a Type-C port. It means your laptop can transfer 40 gigabytes of data per second to support the protocol of PCI-E.

Your Expectations

No doubt you will excited about thinking that your light and thin laptop will turn into a heavy gaming laptop by swapping a GPU. Eurocom is a big laptop upgrading agent. 

Its only aim to upgrade the gaming laptop to pushing its portability. It denies any laptop having a weight less than seven pounds after upgrading. 

Because these upgradations only for big laptops that manufacturer Celvo manufactures. Calvo is the most common manufacturer all over the world.  

Suppose your gaming laptop is by a small boutique company, still lucky to upgrade your laptop. To identify it, there will be a custom keyboard, and the laptop will be red painted. 

It was also manufactured by Clevo, which contains dozens of different designs for different PC makers. So it is the criteria to change the laptop graphics card. 

Let’s move to change the laptop GPU. 

Actual Upgrading

The hardware part of the upgrade is pretty well simple—still, a few things you should check before starting the process.

Now, you have to Google the VGA showroom of Eurocom and check whether the company is selling any GPU for laptops. In general, Eurocom supports the Clevo units along with the alien ware units.

When you find out the GPU for the laptop, check out some specific levels of BIOS and particular groups of brick power. But to get a BIOS update, you should uninstall the Nvidia drivers.

Then turn off the laptop and pull out the battery as well. Following the ESD precautions will be better for you. Eurocom also suggests you this. So wear a grounding strap.

Do the process on days when there is no rain or on days when there is low humidity. Further, please use retro shag carpet.

When you reached the P150M, unscrew the four screws to get the slide off from the bottom cover. Here, you can see another door for 2.5 inches of the drive.

To get a complete upgrade, if you replace the drive with SSD, it will show unexpected results. On the other hand, if you already had a drive, it will be more than enough.

Besides, you can also put SSD in the empty slots, and it will also improve access to the drive. When you opened the top hatch, the GPU and CPU will be in front of your eyes. And you can say is it possible to change the graphics card on the laptop.

What Is The CPU?


Central processing unit CPU always good in almost every laptop. Gamers can play games on average CPU, while the people that have to do video editing should have the greatest and the fastest CPU. Haswell’s CPU are famous for their performance, and no need to change the CPU at all.

The Use Of GPU In Gaming

The GeForce 675MX and GTX 980M are both better things to upgrade. No doubt, you will not use all the RAM at all. So while playing the game, when you see it, it is consuming more and more RAM.

As a result, you will be glad that you are not stuck with only static RAM, like 2GB RAM for GTA. 

Removing Of Heat Pipes

It is a detailed process of accessing the GPU, and you will learn How to replace a laptop graphics card?

To remove the screws on the GPU core from the heat pipes. Same as there will be three other screws on the RAM and voltage regulator.

The people who don’t know about the heat pipes are the cooling system in your laptop. It expells the hot heat outside the laptop.

There will be seven screws on the heat pipe. When you removed them, then gently pull these pipes out. In some cases, these heat pipes are stocked with the GPU directly with some paste.

Then you have to remove it, so and gently start rocking it and break the seal. After removing the heat pipes, there will be an MXM module.

By removing the two hex-shaped nuts, you will remove the MXM simply by slipping it out from the slop like to RAM.

To upgrade laptop graphic cards, you have removed the heat pipes, screws, and MXM module. MXM module is also famous as Mobile PCI Express Module.

And when you change the graphic card, you can say the laptop graphics card upgrade will be done. The new card will be 980M. Now, you should make sure is it is fully seated in its place.

After that, the process of installing hex nuts starts. You are installing heat pipes and screws on heat pipes. When you entirely set everything. You can say add a graphics card to the laptop is completed. Put the battery and turned it on.

Precautions For Installing GPU Heat Pipes

In general, people get crazy about changing GPU core on their own. So be humble and don’t chip off the edge by pressing it down. It would be best if you did your exercise.

The renaming process will be the same and when everything is installed correctly, adjust the back cover and battery. As you see I am telling you about buying the Eurocom because from eBay or any other.

Because you can ping the company in case of suggestions or problems, there’s a problem: laptops have integrated graphic cards.

So if you installed a discrete graphics card in place of an integrated graphic card, you would need to boot the window. Even if drivers not recognizing the GPU, then you should visit Nvidia’s website.

Further, you can contact Eurocom. But there are rare chances of such cases.

No Need Of Other Reference Drivers

The Nvidia’s drivers check the signatures of hardware before permissions it to install. You can obtain the drivers in case of not working by Eurocom.

Further, don’t waste your time in hunting the drivers. Ping the Eurocom. Trust me, Eurocom is too fast that it will quickly respond to you and update drivers on your laptop.

Now time to test the system that either graphic card is installed correctly. You should use Engine 4.0. It will put a heavy load on your graphic card, even shows temperature during the testing.

Comparing Of Benchmarks To Testing Your Upgrade

Yes, comparing benchmarks is the best option for testing upgrades. After reaching you will feel your laptop is a new one, it will be too fast.

Other Way Of Checking The Performance

To check the performance of your laptop, you should do the math questions. No doubt the results will be satisfying. Still, you should check.

Sometimes unluckily, the laptop still doesn’t work correctly and fastly. Then it would be best if you bought another laptop. And keep in mind the new notebook should be with a great graphic card.

Another option is that you can sell your older laptop, in this way you can collect funds to buy the new laptop. Selling the GPU and laptop separately also profits you.

In the end, you done don’t need to worry, because Eurocom offers a warranty of six months. Suppose the GPU melts with heat the Eurocom repair it pr gives you a new one.


1. Can you replace a laptop graphics card?

Yes, you can replace the laptop graphic card. The whole process is described in the article with more than enough details. So after unplugging all the screws, you can pull the graphic card until it fits in the PCI-e slot. In this way, you can replace the old graphic card with the new one. 

2. How to change a graphics card in an MSI laptop?

MSI laptops are famous for gaming laptops, and if you want to use the latest technology, then 8 to10 are considered the best graphic card. Besides, its costs are a bit high.

3. Can you upgrade the laptop graphics card to a Lenovo laptop?

Unluckily the changing of graphic cards in Lenovo laptops is not possible indirect way. But you can use the mobile graphics card. For this purpose, you have to use the USB Type-C port of your laptop and support the PCI-E protocol in it. 

4. Can you use a graphic card from some external source on your laptop to boost up gaming?

Yes, you can use it. To use the external graphic card, two things are necessary. The USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 port. In this way, you can use eternal source and make a connection with the graphic dock station.

5. How can I improve the speed of my laptop?

1. Uninstall unnecessary software.
2. Add more RAM to your PC.
3. Limit the programs at the startup.
4. Check for viruses.
5. Consider a startup SSD.
6. Use Disk Cleanup.
7. Consider a startup SSD.
8. Take a look at your web browser.


Can I change the graphics card on my laptop? It is the most commonly asked question. Because the people who love to play the games and consistently play, their laptops somehow slow down in work.

That’s why they need to upgrade the graphic card on the laptop. On the other hand, some laptops can put the new GPU while some computers don’t allow the user to change the graphic card.

Meanwhile, many people don’t know the exact location of the graphic card on a laptop, so they question the graphics card in a laptop?

Keep all these things in mind, and I wrote an enticing and helpful article for you about changing laptop graphic cards. I describe the graphic card, laptop specifications, and advantages to upgrade the graphic card.

In short, the article comprises a complete method of changing graphic cards. The last section of the blog contains common questions which help you out with your queries.

Don’t forget to follow the proper precautions during the upgrading of the graphic card.
The love of gamers with the graphic card is centrifugal!


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