is 144Hz worth it for gaming

Is 144Hz Worth It For Gaming?

Higher refresh rate such as 144Hz features the fastest response with smooth output. In order to play competitive first-person shooter games and watch videos or movies, 144Hz is a completely worthy set up.  

Games like PUBG, Battlefield, Overwatch, Fortnite etc. have shown smooth running with 144Hz of refresh rate. The main reason is the internal gameplay and not graphics. The motion and frame rate of games ultimately lets out the result with the refresh rate of 144Hz.

For recent gaming requirements, 144Hz has topped the demands and experts rely on it. It is also a worthy choice because this refresh can support diverse games and media. You can also pair 144Hz gaming monitors with any resolution.

Also, you don’t face the motion blur and low response rate. From shifting to 50Hz to 144Hz it makes a huge difference that is totally worth it. In order to enjoy the fullest gaming experience with the responsive approach 144Hz is an appropriate approach.

Does 144Hz Make A Difference?

Yes, 144Hz makes a huge difference while playing the first-person shooter or fast-paced games. In fact, if you have been using the 60Hz monitor, the difference can be readily felt as well as experienced by playing the game itself.

If you are a professional player you will definitely feel the noticeable difference from 60Hz to 144Hz__and that vindicates it. Many of the professional players have claimed that higher refresh rate is what makes the game more interesting with next-level feel.

The overall performance including the frame rate becomes robust just by achieving the higher refresh rate such as 144Hz!


  • First and foremost advantage of using 144Hz is the smooth and even gaming response. The most significant factor of 144Hz is that it can handle high frame rate with much uniform output.
  • Due to the fastest and most rapid response of refresh rate, 144Hz keeps off motion blur in movies and games and. It is capable of running smooth visuals.
  • 144Hz monitor comes with multiple gaming dedicated modes which is best for fast action media. A 60Hz or less refresh won’t offer you that privilege.
  • Monitors with 144Hz don’t lose the frame meaning you have each and every thing in front of your keen sight. It means it’s not only fast but accurate too. Increasing FPS is a perk.
  • 144Hz offers you the smooth picture with fluid-like gaming experience. Also Monitor refreshes the frame for good 144 times in one second prior to displaying on your screen. That way it is the fastest and most reliable refresh rate that keeps the gaming just-right.


  • Monitors and display screens with 144Hz are costly particularly when paired with an IPS display. You have to pay a reasonable amount in order to enjoy the lavish and larger-than-life gaming experience.
  • Monitors with 144Hz also demand the robust and dedicated system requirements as well. Unless you have fulfilled the entire requirement list you can enjoy the desirable results.
  • Using 144Hz with a high-tech approach means consuming more energy in comparison with 60Hz. Hence it is not an effective way when you want to save power.
  • The system’s processor needs to be in sync and in accordance with 144Hz or else be ready for bottleneck issues!
  • If your display has VA Panel (Vertical Alignment), a form of LCD, then 144Hz might let out the motion blur effect that promotes low response time.
  • Only high-end GPUs can handle 144Hz monitors so that frame rate remains anticipated.

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